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Wanna know why your hair is vacating? If you've been digging around the internet looking for reasons why... then check our jb's journal.. We've been researching for 2 years and we're throwing it all here... enjoy fellas. 

Hair Loss

Where The Fu*k Did All Of My Hair Go?

Hair loss is something that men of all ages and find exceptionally annoying. Many times, it just seems to "sneak up" on you anywhere between your 20s and 50s (and sometimes older). It can almost seem like an overnight phenomenon for many men of all varying ages.



How The Hell Do I Spot Early Signs Of Balding?

The age-old adage states: The first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have one in the first place. The same can be said of hair loss. To fix hair loss, you must begin to recognise that you have hair loss and that it's a problem. This brings...


Hair Loss

Smoking & Drinking Could Turn You Bald

It's a commonly known fact that alcohol and smoking aren't great for your overall health. But it turns out that these can both cause hair loss. We'll give you time to let that sink in. It really fuc*ing sucks. Hair loss can be a touchy topic, but we're just trying...



What Shampoo Do I Use If I Want To Avoid Hair Loss?

So we know that a lot of males out there are going to lose their hair as they continue to age. The point at which males lose their hair depends largely on genetics, however, by age 50 about 50% of men have lost or seen some thinning to the head...



Which DHT Blocker Shampoos Are The Best?

A DHT Blocker shampoo is a shampoo that contains a combination of vitamins that has been proven vital to helping promote the growth of new, healthy hair as well as keeping the hair you already have on your noggin longer than it would stay there if it weren't to get showered...



Biotin: Men, Meet Your New Hair Loss Savior

All hail the King! King Biotin that is. Listen up fellas, there's a lot you need to know about this magical hair growth vitamin called Biotin. If you've been freaking out lately due to hair loss at an early age, this may be your saving grace. Don't worry we won't...

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