Can Zinc Supplements Aid Men With Hair Loss?

Can Zinc Supplements Aid Men With Hair Loss?:

You ever look in the mirror and think, "ugh - my hair is starting to fall out. It's thinner than I remember it being." Or, "that receding hairline is slowly starting to creep up on me to the point where it's - well - not so slow anymore."

What is a guy to do?

One age-old adage that many men have sworn by is taking zinc supplements to help their hair regenerate itself.

It's an easy fix - if it works - that is.

So, does it?

In this post we explore the merits of using zinc supplements (or just general products) with zinc in them to help keep their hair from being lost any faster than it has to be.

So, Does Zinc Help Stop Hair Loss?

It has long been acknowledged that eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients and protein is great for helping keep your hair looking young - even when you are well - not so young anymore!

Studies show that a lot of various nutrients can help keep hair growing thicker and stronger into the future. Those nutrients include everything from Omega 3s to zinc.

Other people encourage the use of other 'magic' lotions and potions that will help keep your hair thicker for longer. Some say they will work in as few as a couple of weeks, while others can take 6 months or longer to see full results.

In the end, the conclusive evidence has shown that zinc is one of the few specific nutrients that helps men's hair grow back both fuller and thicker than it was before. Zinc is acknowledged to help keep hair healthier much longer into the future than not using some sort of zinc supplement on their noggins.

This first groundbreaking study showed that zinc helped to slow hair loss in lab rats. Those same results have since been tested and proven to be true on the heads of us mere human beings.

So, now that we know that zinc can indeed help your hair grow back thicker and fuller than before, what is there left to do?

Well, that's easy. Get some products with some zinc in them and put them on your head (or imbibe them) to keep more of your hair from leaving, you damn fool!

Using Products With Zinc Can Keep Hair Healthy:

While it is not guaranteed that your hair will grow back into one thick, massive "poof" of a bush, using products such as the Gone Toppo - which feature zinc - on your noggin can help your hair continue to enjoy a full, healthy existence well into the future.

Products like Gone Toppo are easy to use as they are simply applied to your noggin after you shower or before you go to bed. Rub it in all over your scalp and through your hair (or whatever is left of it at this point) and studies show that it will help slow down the Anagen phase your hair goes through.

It's important to slow down that Anagen phase because PSA people... that is why your frickin' hair is leaving your scalp in the first place.

Yes, your hair leaves the scalp during this Anagen phase and you have to slow that phase down to stop more of your hair form making a mass exodus from the top of your head than has already left in the first place!

So, give Gone Toppo a try and don't let your top go. See hair return and hair loss slow as you are able to keep more of your hair moving forward!



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