What Shampoo Do I Use If I Want To Avoid Hair Loss?

WTF Shampoo Do I Use If I Want To Avoid Hair Loss?:

So we know that a lot of males out there are going to lose their hair as they continue to age. The point at which males lose their hair depends largely on genetics, however, by age 50 about 50% of men have lost or seen some thinning to the head of hair they once had.

This thinning or balding trend can make many men self-conscious of how they look. So, they will do anything that they can to help avoid losing any more hair than they already have. The good news is, there are things you can do that will make a difference to how much more hair you may lose in the future.

Your Shampoo Matters:

What if we told you that if your shampoo contains sulphates that it is likely contributing to any problems you are having with losing your hair?

You would find a shampoo without sulphates, right?

Well, look no further - we have compiled a list of the top 5 shampoos that we recommend below that contain no sulphates. So give one of these shampoos a try to get rid of those sulphates which may be speeding up your hair loss and see the difference for yourself:

  1. Aveeno's Pure Renewal Shampoo: Aveeno's Pure Renewal Shampoo is a sulphate-free shampoo that helps to ensure that you are getting the right balance of "active naturals" such as seaweed extract, which is in their formula without over-stripping the hair of the natural oils and nutrients that it needs to continue to grow stronger. The absence of sulphates helps ensure that the shampoo is not speeding up the hair loss you may otherwise be experiencing. Moreover, still having your natural oils and nutrients in your hair will help you have to continue to stay thick and strong. (Available on Amazon for $11.00 a pack of 2 bottles)
  2. Bee Mine Moisturising Shampoo: Bee Mine Moisturising Shampoo is another great choice that is completely sulfate-free and is loaded with botanical extracts to help keep the hair you have left growing to be strong as possible. Bee Mine Moisturising Shampoo helps that hair grow stronger without weighing it down or causing it to feel like you have put too many chemicals in it. It's a winning combination of nourishing the hair you have left and stopping any more hair than you have already lost from falling out in the process. (Found at most mass retailers $12.97 per bottle).
  3. Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisturising Shampoo: Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisturising Shampoo is another great, sulfate-free choice for shampoo that will also continue to gently clean your hair and leave it smelling great, feeling clean and not weighed down by bad additives contained in so many other shampoos. Giovanni was one of the first sulphate-free shampoos on the scene even before it was "trendy" to make shampoos without sulphate in it. They are still at it today, providing sulphate-free shampoos. (Available on Amazon for $9.78 per bottle).
  4. Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream: Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream is not only sulphate-free, it's also a suds-free shampoo that was created by Anthony Dickey. It's a great sulphate-free shampoo to use on dry hair and will leave you with clean, soft hair without the harsh chemicals that are often included in many other sudsy shampoos. It's a great shampoo to use on "between" days if you don't wash your hair wet every single day. Still no sulphates to further your hair loss in sight! (Available on Amazon for $31.99 for a tub of the cream).
  5. Living Proof Full Shampoo: Living Proof Full Shampoo is a sulphate-free shampoo that is gentle enough on the hair to use it every single day. It will help lift all the dirt and filth from your hair without weighing it down or saturating it with harsh chemicals. It's gentle on the scalp while also providing a clean wash. (Available on Amazon for $18.29).

There we have it! That's 5 different shampoos to try that contain ZERO sulphates, so you will not have your hair-loss expedited just for washing your hair every day!


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