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About joe

“We’re three guys that realised hair will inevitably vacate the premises at some point. So we thought we’d do something about it. No fuss, no dodgy ads and no lab coats. We put our slowly balding heads together to create an effective product that takes back your follicles from age, maintains and​ keeps your hair strong and promotes further growth. So now we’re not clutching at our scalps with anxiety, just clutching at straws when we say we’re millennials. We believe in joebloe because​...​ it truly works. ​it is also simply and easy enough for any joebloe to fit into his daily routine. ​We use it everyday and hope you will too. ”

whos running the show?

The dudes behind joebloe

Jules Tognini

Jules Tognini is a dude that knows hair, like a lot about it. He’s a multi-award winning hairdresser, 3x mens hairdresser of the year and educator of the year, as well as being the face (and beard) of Phillips Grooming, GQ, Lynx, UNIQLO, evo and lil' off the top. So when we say he’s passionate about ensuring blokes can keep their mop tip top, you know we aren’t kidding. Jules brings his years of expertise to ensure joebloe products don’t just feel or smell the part, but they also get the job done while treating your hair right. There is no use having the hair if you cant do anything with the hair. He also brings dad jokes to the table, but that doesn’t help anyone (sometimes they are funny, but please dont give him credit). Follow Jules HERE

Kristian Tognini

You could say Kristian is the brains of the joebloe operation – but those brains are hidden deep within a skull covered in his trademark thick black mane. KT has accrued substantial business and technical acumen managing some of the most respected hair salons and education courses around Australia. This bespectacled, bearded beast is constantly getting hands-on with our product to make sure all the ingredients are up to code and are the best thing for your scalp. If you don’t believe joebloe can help, just take a look at KT – he’s the ‘after’ photo. Follow KT HERE

Trav White

Trav one day had an idea to help himself and his mates out who were losing their hair, so he approached JT & KT with an idea to start a company as a good excuse to hang out and have more beers together, fast forward 3 years and Trav is now the chief product tester and the go-to guy for product design, brand & marketing. Having worked globally for brands like Red Bull, Nike, Heineken and BMW he is the reason that instead of ostentatious packaging that screams 'BALDING!!!', you'll receive a polished product that you're happy to have on display. Trav's also proof that even if you have a fivehead at 19, with a little bit of help (courtesy of joebloe) you can lure back those luscious locks. Follow Trav HERE

Our Vision

“To make a positive change in the world by having every guy we connect with feel good about themselves and to maximise their self-esteem making them perform at their very best.”

Our Mission

“Our mission is to empower dudes to do something about their appearance and not feel inadequate or shy about dealing with their health issues, head on.”

The Science
Research and Development

We've been working on our formulas for over 36 months, testing and trying different ingredients to ensure we fast-track the hair growth process. After 2 years of testing and developing, we were happy with the final product and started with a small group of our mates, once the boys started to get hairy, we launched joebloe to what it is today. Tried and tested by us to ensure we factor every possible angle and chance for the fastest growth possible. We're almost like human guinea pigs... very hairy ones...

Made in Australia

Each tablet and drop of hair growing goodness are handmade in the heart of Brisbane by our chief hairy pharmacist Mary-Lou! Mary Lou has been working with hair loss medicines for over 30 years and knows her sh*t. All products are gluten-free, not tested on animals and made in an ethic and respectable way, in other words, we're not dicks.

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