Buy 3 Month Hair Growth Subscription

$300.00 AUD

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Howdy there...

Howdy there...

The world needed a saviour from the tacky, clinical and sometimes straight-up ridiculous hair loss products that should never be seen outside of the infomercial they spawn from.

It ain’t the 80s anymore, but it seems like the hair loss industry still thinks it is. No one needs an Australian test cricketer or some schmoe telling them about some crazy expensive replacement therapy.

That’s where joebloe comes in.

We cut the shit and fit in with your lifestyle. An above average product for the average person. We get that you don’t want to talk about the issue and you probably don’t want people asking you about it. So we keep it subtle and provide you with a complete package of products that fit into your day.

Got questions? I bet you to! See below!


Whats the go with the 3 month subscription, how does it work?

Once the bank wizards process your credit card, we will shoot the shipment off to you and you should have it in your hands within about 3-4 days. You are going to get 5 packages. 3 x Lil pals (the tablets) and 2 x Gone Toppo (the spray). in about 2.5 months time we are going to shoot you an email and let you know we are shipping another bundle of hair growth joy your way. We will also shoot you some emails throughout your journey to show you some easy wins to keep your mop tip top. 

Can I change, increase or cancel my regular order?

Yeah, of course you can. You will see a "manage my subscription" at the top of this page, you just click that bad boy, use the logins and you can make any changes you want. You will also be able to update your credit card details. We've made it pretty easy to manage, though if there are any issues, give us a shout! Nice one! 

How long does it take to get to my place?

3-4 Days. We use Express Post and most orders are shipped same day. You will get a notification once your package is sent. Connect up facebook messenger also and we will keep you in the loop via there as well..

I heard you lose your boner if you use this stuff!

We get asked this all the time. Short answer is no! We wouldn't create something that takes that power away! Most instances, this can be attributed to using Finasteride, which is a prescription medicine. Though we do suggest consulting with your doctor prior to taking this just in case your alergic to something.  

When do I have to use this stuff?

Good question! We suggest using gone toppo (the spray) twice a day. After your shower in the morning and just before bed! We suggest also taking Little Pals first up in the morning AFTER breakfast... Little Pals packs a punch, so make sure you have it after breakfast!  

How different is this to the other companies that do the same stuff?

Well to kick things off, most of these companies are going to cost you about $8000AUD per year, we're an 8th of the cost per year. We offer the same products they offer, its just we don't have any test cricketers on payroll.  

What is Finasteride, do you sell it?

Finasteride or Propecia is a prescription medicine and should only be given to you by your doctor & shouldn't be purchased online. We suggest having a chinwag with your doctor next time you're in for your annual "fix me up". We don't sell it online, though if you are serious about getting your mop tip top, get chatting to your GP post haste! 

How long does it take to work?

Each bloke is different, some see results pretty quickly, others take a little longer. Though from all of our customers here is what we see to be a pretty consistent vibe. 3 months - You will notice that your hair stops falling out so much (less on the pillow and less when you wash your hair). 6 months - your hair should stop falling out by now and you'll notice little tiny hairs on your scalp. 9 months - you're growing more little hairs and some of the balding areas have small hairs on it. 12 months - You will notice your hair doesn't fall out and you have new hair growing. 

My hair is falling out when I wash it, should I stop?

Look, lets be honest, if you stop washing your hair, you might start getting some weird looks. Keep washing your hair, once every 3 days should do it. 

Should I be using a special shampoo?

100%! You got dealt a shitty hand with your hair, so your scalp and hair can't take regular shampoo which is pretty shitty. You are really going to want to use a shampoo that doesn't have any sulphates (Harsh detergents) or parabens (Man made chemicals). We're currently in the laboratory making the very best shampoo, we'll keep you posted!