We're saving dudes from losing their hair too early, building confidence through education & creating clinically proven hair loss treatments.

Why we vouch for this:

We’re three guys that realised hair will inevitably vacate the premises at some point. So we thought we’d do something about it. No fuss, no dodgy ads and no lab coats. We put our slowly balding heads together to create effective clinically proven hair loss treatments that take back your follicles from age, maintains and​ keeps your hair strong and promotes further growth.

No lab coats, no bullshit.

We’ve got your head covered.

Men's Hair Loss Treatment

We’ve created an easy to use daily topical and tablet to help you stop losing your hair, we bundle it up in a neat little package and swing it over to your house in the mail every 1, 3 or 6 months! You stay consistent and we’ll guarantee we’ll strengthen your hair and start growing back those locks! Nice!

Unmarked package to your door, with free postage!

So what's in this hair loss treatment you speak of...?

Try Little Pals.

These guys pack a pretty powerful punch. We deliver the right nutrients all the way to your follicle of your hair so those bastards stop vacating from your head. Take this daily after breakfast!


Try Gone Toppo.

In short, Gone Toppo is a spray you throw on your noggin in the morning after a shower and just before bed. Gone Toppo penetrated through the hair follicles and slows down the Anagen phase, what’s that you ask? It's the god damn reason your hair is leaving... So we’re taking care of that no sweat!


Interest Free Hair

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*Available on all non subscription products

Hi my name is Jules...

"After becoming Australia's #1 men's hairdresser of the year three years in a row and Australian hair educator of the year. I started joebloe to help dudes grow their hair back cheaper and more effective than the big guys "


Our Mission.

Our mission is to empower dudes to do something about their appearance and not feel inadequate or shy about dealing with their health issues, head on.

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