How Can Saw Palmetto Help with Hair Loss?

How Can Saw Palmetto Help w/Hair Loss?:

What is Saw Palmetto?

Saw Palmetto is an ingredient that is extracted from berries and is being studied by scientists around the world as they think it may help with people who are experiencing either hair thinning or loss.

There is some ingredient in the saw palmetto called 5-alpha-reductase... a 5-alpha-what you may ask?

A 5-alpha-reductase, it's essentially an enzyme within the hair that experts are hoping will slow or stop hair loss in individuals experiencing it at any age.

Therefore, the idea is that if you are using products with saw palmetto in it, then you will be helping provide your hair with enzymes that will help slow the loss of seeing your hair either thin or fall out completely.

What Research Proves That Saw Palmetto Works?

The research that has been done on Saw Palmetto helping slow down or stopping hair from thinning or falling out completely is limited yet very promising. The first study that was done used 25 participants with thinning hairlines who used a mix of saw palmetto and 10% trichogen veg complex every day for 4 months. About half of those in the study reported their hair loss slowed when using these products. The average participant had about 11.9% less hair loss throughout the trail than they were before it started.

You may say 11.9% less, well, whoop-t-do! Well, hey, when a dude is losing his hair 11.9% more of it remains in place on that scalp is a welcome thing! Anything that can help is worth a shot, right? So, if this is helping people, even a little bit, it's worth looking into.

Remember, one day, it may help more people if these studies continue to provide positive results. That next person may be YOU!

So never knock a desperate dude for what a dudes gotta do to get by in life!

What Products Should I Try To Use?

There are any variety of products out there containing saw palmetto at various price points. However, the cheapest ones likely only contain trace amounts of saw palmetto and really do not have enough of the ingredient in the product to make a lick of difference in how much hair you see thinning or falling out.

However, if you are willing to invest in a decent product with a respectable amount of saw palmetto in it, then you will definitely notice the difference in seeing less hair either thinning or falling out. While there are an array of products out there that are quality saw palmetto products, one of the top of the line options available to you is the Little Pals hair loss products developed and sold by us right here at joebloe.

Little Pals is hair vitamins that are jam-packed with a truckload of saw palmetto which will deliver the benefits of the 5alpha-reductase right to each and every hair follicle on your entire noggin. Those pesky little hairs will quit vacating your head and will unpack and stay for the long-term. This specific hair product comes in the form of a pill, so take one every day after breakfast to keep those hairs on that pretty little noggin of yours for longer.

So, while there are clearly more studies needed to see about the long-term and lasting effects that different agents like saw palmetto have on one's hair thinning and loss, the good news is that this might be a breakthrough in the realm of saw palmetto helping men retain more of their hair for longer.

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