Little Pals

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These hair growth vitamins pack a pretty powerful punch, delivering the right nutrients direct to the follicle of your hair. Pop a little pal just after breakfast to stop those bastards from vacating your head.

Clinically Proven to Work For Less Than a Beer a Day!



6 months



6 months

Does it work?

Why use Little Pals?

Some hair loss is normal (even those lucky enough to rock a full head of hair lose about 100 strands a day), but obviously rapid loss of handfuls of hair is no good. After a few weeks of popping these scientifically formulated hair growth vitamins, you should find less hair clogging up your drain or your comb, and more hanging out at penthouse party.


How do these buggers work?

Little Pals sneak in through the VIP (Very Important Pill) access and reach the follicle through the blood stream. These clinically designed hair growth vitamins provide the right nutrients for your hair follicle to be extra follicle-ly and do its job. That job is to grow thick, strong, healthy-looking hair.

What is this magic?

What the f*ck is going on?

Generally, hair starts vacating the premises between the twenty and forty-five. Men, you can thank your parents because male pattern baldness is hereditary. It’s caused by the male hormone called Dihydritestosterone (DHT) – which (if you’re balding) you have too much of. Women generally lose hair due  to stress and that same hormone imbalance. 

So what you need is a DHT blocker and guess what? That’s exactly what Little Pals are! They act like burly bouncers for your scalp and DHT is not on the guest list. Once the DHT is taken care of, these hair growth vitamins go to work, promoting circulation to the scalp leading to hair growth. The dead follicles get the boot and healthy hair follicles take up residency, allowing you to look your best.

Whats in these little bastards?

Little Pals are the perfect cocktail of hair growth vitamins and nutrients, DHT Blockers and compounds that promote that stimulate hair growth. By delivering them express to the follicle through the bloodstream you get the most effective results. We’ve listed our not-so-secret recipe so you know exactly what you're putting down your gullet when you pop a couple Little Pals.


How often do I take these?

Daily after food. We pack so much heat into our special little hair growth vitamins that you have to take them with or after food! We recommend putting them next to your toothbrush so you don’t forget!

Clinically proven to work!

Best used with our 3 month subscription package to get your hair growing quicker!