Congrats fabio!

Straight up, massive love to you from our entire crew for making it through the first 3 months and sticking to the program! we know the whole every day thing can be a bit of a pain in the ass... but hopefully by now it has become second nature.

Keep trucking along! us balding dudes need to stick together and we have got your back every step of the way!

So...hows it all looking?!

Time for a little update.

To monitor your progress throughout the joebloe treatment, every 3 months we aim to collect 3 simple pics of your braincase’s fresh, luscious growing lawn. So, we have set up the simple form below to quickly and easily upload head shots which allows us to show you how you’re throughout the journey with us!

Remember... reversing balding is not an overnight job! By now you should be well on your way to stopping the devil DHT in its tracks, but patience and persistence is the name of the game!

Remember to flick us your modelling shots below so we can show you your progression! Peace, love and rad hair! x

upload your progress photos.


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top of head


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front of head


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side of head

What to expect over the next 12 months.


Month 1

You’re not going to see much happen visually this month, your body is slowing down the process of your hair falling out. You are going to notice less hair on your pillow and in your hands when you shower! Good things take time :)


Month 3

Month 3 is when you start seeing some results. You will notice that less and less hair is falling out and if you run your hand through your hair, less hair will be in your hands. Go you good thing!


Month 6

Month 6 is where you start feeling little baby hair on our scalp. Everyone is different and some might see this sooner, though you should see no hair on your pillow and in your hands! You are finally starting to see some results now! Nice one fabio!


Month 12

The 12-month mark is pretty special! Your hair has stopped falling out and you are starting to see some growth! You are only just touching on the beginning of your journey. The longer you take joebloe the thicker and quicker your hair will grow!