Iodine: Your Best Pal When You're Losing Your Hair!

Iodine: Your Best Pal When You're Losing Your Hair!


Iodine? Isn't that the brown tincture your mum used to paint on your skinned knee? What's that got to do with hair loss? Glad you asked! Iodine - well a lack of it at least - could be a big reason behind hair loss. You probably don't get enough, and that's bad news for your hair. Here's the story on iodine and hair.

We just can't get enough!

Turns out a lot of men aren't getting enough Iodine, and scientists are pretty worked up about it. School kids don't get enough, and even a lot of adults who are supposedly healthy don't get enough. So what's going on here?

Australian dirt's no good

For iodine, anyway. A lot of Australia has soil that starts out already low in iodine. We grow food in this dirt and then the way we farm reduces levels even more. Lots of livestock also graze on pasture that's low in iodine. No surprise, all of this makes food that doesn't have much Iodine included naturally. 

Milk is useless

Well, milk is great, but it's not going to help you get your iodine. It didn't use to be that way. Once upon a time, people got a lot of their iodine from milk. Milk doesn't usually have all that much of the stuff, but way back when, dairy farmers would sterilise milk bottles with cleaners that had Iodine. But then in the 90s they switched to products with chlorine instead, and chlorine isn't going to fix an iodine deficiency, so that doesn't really help anyone.

What does this have to do with hair loss?

The thing is, Iodine is pretty important to your thyroid. It doesn't take much of a deficiency for your thyroid to start whinging. If your thyroid isn't happy, that can affect your body in lots of ways, none of them great. An underactive thyroid can make you tired, thick, and fat. And it can make your hair fall out. There are a lot of other symptoms, like dry skin, but did I mention it can make your hair fall out?

Right. So how do I get the stuff?

Got you covered. Little Pals is a supplement with tonnes of Iodine and there's way more than just that super ingredient included. It has a whole troop of nutrients to feed your follicles, so they can do what they're supposed to do and grow you some hair. Here are just a few of the things you get in a couple of Little Pals:

  • Folate
  • Biotin
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • and of course, Iodine

As if these powerhouse vitamins weren't enough, there's also a fistful of herbs and extracts and things to help you fight the good fight against hair loss. They do things like increase oxygen to the scalp and block nasty stuff that makes hair fall out. Take a look at some of these superstars:

  • Gingko Biloba (leaf) extract
  • Saw Palmetto (berry) extract
  • Nettle (leaf) Extract
  • Beta-sitosterol Extract

When you take Little Pals, the good stuff in them makes its way into your bloodstream to get right in there at the follicle level. It nourishes the follicles to keep them strong. What's more, at the same time it blocks DHT, the bastard hormone that's the reason your hair started falling out in the first place. Just pop a couple of these pills after breakfast and let them do their thing.

We've got products that work, without any nonsense. Take a look; we've got a 100% money back guarantee. Nice one!



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