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Our 3 month hair subscription is our best selling product. We send you everything you need for 3 months so your hair can grow thicker and longer, quicker*! We offer a 100% money back guarantee, so really there's nothing to lose... Well, except your newly found hair!
*individual results may vary

Clinically Proven to Work For Less Than a Beer a Day!



6 months



6 months

Does it work?

What the f*ck is going on?

Generally, hair starts vacating the premises between the twenty and forty-five. Men, you can thank your parents because male pattern baldness is hereditary. It’s caused by the male hormone called Dihydritestosterone (DHT) – which (if you’re balding) you have too much of. Women generally lose hair due to stress and that same hormone imbalance.

So what you need is a DHT blocker and guess what? That’s exactly what Little Pals are! They act like burly bouncers for your scalp and DHT is not on the guest list. Once the DHT is taken care of, Gone Toppo is there to support by enhancing blood flow to the scalp – which is key to healthy, high production follicles. Gone Toppo also directly nourishes the scalp with nutrients as it absorbs the solution over the course of several hours. Dead follicles are evicted and healthy hair follicles take up residency, allowing you to look your best.


What do I get in the pack?

3 x Little Pals

These guys pack a pretty powerful punch. We deliver the right nutrients all the way to your follicle of your hair so those bastards stop vacating from your head. Take this daily after breakfast!


2 x Gone Toppo

Gone Toppo is a spray for your noggin applied after your morning shower and just before bed. Gone Toppo penetrates through the hair follicles and slows down the Anagen phase, what’s that you ask? It's the goddamn reason your hair is leaving... So we’re taking care of that, no sweat!

What’s included in the pack?

Each month you'll receive a special delivery of 3 x Little Pals pouches and 2 x Gone Toppo spray bottles, so you'll never run out of hair growing goodness. Just like plants, you've got to keep that scalp showered with nutrients. Find out exactly what nutrients each product provides to your scalp below.

The Process

How does it work?

1. You’re getting a little light on
Let's face facts, things seems to be a little bit lighter up top. Perhaps you're feeling the breeze roll off the top of you dome a bit more, or finding more hair getting trapped in your comb. Well friend, there's no time like the present to start doing something about it!
2. Sign up in 2 mins
If you're reading this, you're already pretty much finished this step and ready to take charge. Just sign up by clicking above and get joebloe delivered to your door asap. Like the classic banger by The Chemical Brothers notes, "the time has come to... PUSH THE BUTTON!"
3. Fast Delivery
With a few simple clicks, you'll get your joebloe goodies delivered ASAP, ready to use. Who said regaining hair was hard?
4. You start taking it daily
Spray in the morning, pop a pill after breakfast, spray at night - this is your life now. Your fantastic life as dude taking control over his scalp and maintaining thick, strong hair. joebloe will slot into your daily routine without any fuss - no biggie.
5. It arrives every 3 months
You'll never have to worry about running out of joebloe with backups arriving every 3 months on the dot.
6. Become Fabio
Revel in your newfound hairiness. Enjoy brushing god's comb (your hand) through thick, strong hair without the risk of taking it out along the way. Keep up the good work and routine joebloe use to ensure you stay your sexy new self. That is until you want to be more like Professor Xavier - we won't judge.

Clinically proven to work!

Best used with our 3 month subscription package to get your hair growing quicker!