Hair Growth Treatment Starter Pack

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Got commitment issues? Wanna dip your toe in the water to see if its for you? We get it, get your hands on 3 x Little Pals and 2 x Gone Toppos and get them delivered to your door the next day. Go on... what have you got to lose? This hair growth treatment start pack is to show you why we'r here, and what we're actually on about.

Clinically Proven to Work For Less Than a Beer a Day!



6 months



6 months

Does it work?

What the f*ck is going on?

Generally, hair starts vacating the premises between the twenty and forty-five. Men, you can thank your parents because male pattern baldness is hereditary. It’s caused by the male hormone called Dihydritestosterone (DHT) – which (if you’re balding) you have to much of. Women generally lose hair due to stress and that same hormone imbalance.

So what you need is a DHT blocker and guess what? That’s exactly what Little Pals are! They act like burly bouncers for your scalp and DHT is not on the guest list. Once the DHT is taken care of, the joebloe system goes to work promote circulation to the scalp leading to hair growth. The dead follicles get the boot and healthy hair follicles take up residency, allowing you to look your best.


What do I get in the hair growth treatment starter pack?

3 x Little Pals

These guys pack a pretty powerful punch. We deliver the right nutrients all the way to your follicle of your hair so those bastards stop vacating from your head. Take this daily after breakfast!


2 x Gone Toppo

In short, Gone Toppo is a spray you throw on your noggin in the morning after a shower and just before bed. Gone Toppo penetrated through the hair follicles and slows down the Anagen phase, what’s that you ask? Its the god damn reason your hair is leaving... So we’re taking care of that no sweat!

The Ingredients?

What’s included in the pack?

Intrested to see what we put in our products? Well we've done the reasearch on how to make your hair grow as fast as possible. So read up and give us a shout if you're lost!

Clinically proven to work!

Best used with our 3 month subscription package to get your hair growing quicker!