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Gone Toppo is a spray you throw on your noggin after your morning shower and just before bed. Gone Toppo penetrates through your hair follicles and slows down the Anagen phase, what’s that you ask? It's the goddamn reason your hair is leaving... So we'll taking care of that, no sweat!


Does it work?

Why use gone Toppo?

Gone Toppo works by prolonging the Anagen phase of hair cells – one of the three phases of growth.

Anagen is the foundational phase, thus being important to the creation of hair. Next up is Catagen, AKA the regression phase. Finally, we hit Telogen – the rest phase. As new follicles replace the older ones, your scalp cycles through all three phases. A short Anagen phase is the common denominator in hair loss disorders such as Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic Alopecia, if we’re still wearing our lab coats). Testosterone and DHT are heavy inhibitors of Anagen, so as a bloke you're already on the backfoot!


How does it work?

Like many of the other joebloe products Gone Toppo has been shown to enhance blood flow to the scalp – which is key to healthy, high production follicles. Gone Toppo also directly nourishes the scalp with nutrients as it absorbs the solution over the course of several hours. This promotion of healthy follicles works in tandem with the other joebloe products to ensure that your head is getting the VIP treatment it needs to pump out hair.

What’s it made of?

What’s in Gone Toppo?

Minoxidil Mircronised 5%, Zinc 0.5%, Tretinoin 0.01%, Caffeine 0.001%

What is this magic?

What the f*ck is going on?

Generally, hair starts vacating the premises between the twenty and forty-five. Men, you can thank your parents because male pattern baldness is hereditary. It’s caused by the male hormone called Dihydritestosterone (DHT) – which (if you’re balding) you have too much of. Women generally lose hair due to stress and that same hormone imbalance.

So what you need is a DHT blocker and guess what? That’s exactly what Little Pals are! They act like burly bouncers for your scalp and DHT is not on the guest list. Once the DHT is taken care of, the joebloe system goes to work promote circulation to the scalp leading to hair growth. The dead follicles get the boot and healthy hair follicles take up residency, allowing you to look your best.

Clinically proven to work!

Best used with our 3 month subscription package to get your hair growing quicker!

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