Which DHT Blocker Shampoos Are The Best?

What Is a DHT Blocker Shampoo?

A DHT Blocker shampoo is a shampoo that contains a combination of vitamins that has been proven vital to helping promote the growth of new, healthy hair as well as keeping the hair you already have on your noggin longer than it would stay there if it weren't to get these vital combinations of vitamins.

These combinations of vitamins are specifically designed to help block the DHT chemicals that are shrinking your hair follicles causing your hair to thin, or causing the follicles to die and allowing the hair to fall out completely.

Which Specific Shampoos Fall Under These Categories?

The following 5 DHT Blocking shampoos can help you keep hair on your noggin longer than it would otherwise remain there itself:

  • Lipogaine Big 3 Premium Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo: Lipogaine contains saw palmetto which also helps block DHT from reaching the scalp. Emu oil is another ingredient that helps block DHT from the scalp. It also contains niacin which helps promote blood flow throughout the scalp and aids production of extra cells in the scalp. (Available for $25 for 8 oz.)
  • Pura D'or Organic Argan Oil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo: Pura D'or Organic Argan Oil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo contains a variety of blends of chemicals that act as DHT blocking ingredients. These DHT blocking ingredients in the Pura D'or Organic Argan Oil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo include saw palmetto, pygeum extract, pumpkin seed oil, and green tea extract. It also contains tree oil that helps to keep the scalp's pores clear support hair growth without being obstructed by clogged pores. (Available for $28) 
  • HairGenesis Anti DHT Shampoo: The HairGenesis Anti DHT Shampoo contains a bounty of saw palmetto, L-Carnitine, Beta-Sitosterol, R-Thioctic Acid, Borage Oil, Evening Prim Rose Oil, and Prunus Africana Bark Extract to name (just a few) various anti-DHT agents. This is one of the few shampoos that have a real crapload of saw palmetto, as in enough to really make a difference and keep that hair on your noggin longer than it already would stay there otherwise. This can truly make a difference, so when it comes to finding a shampoo that will help keep you from losing your hair - look for bulk DHT blocking ingredients like this. Using this shampoo along with our Little Helpers (saw palmetto pills) taken each morning will definitely support you in the war against hair loss. (Available for $30).
  • DS Laboratories Revita Anti-DHT Hair Loss Shampoo: The DS Laboratories Revita Anti-DHT Hair Loss Shampoo is made with quality ingredients and has apple polyphenols which help increase the circulation in the scalp to ensure that every single hair follicle on one's head. However, it is worth noting that this shampoo contains ketoconazole, which can help control dandruff, another great perk to help people who need additional dandruff control. (Available for $25).
  • Groganics DHT Blocker Shampoo: Groganics DHT Blocker Shampoo is chock-full of many ingredients that will help, such as saw palmetto, nettle leaf, and shea butter to name a few different big blockers that this shampoo offers. Many of these inhibit the DHT from clogging your pores and stopping hair from growing or causing it to fall out. (Available for $9).

So there you have it - just a few of the great shampoos that you can give a try to help your hair grow more easily and ensure nothing is blocking the hair follicles. Blocking DHT can also help keep hair from falling off of your head faster than it otherwise would. It helps keep it right in the place where it belongs: securely attached to the top of your dome.



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