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Do Dudes Go Bald Before 25?

Do Dudes Go Bald Before 25?:

You might have the typical young person's mindset when you think, "I am not even 25 yet, I have all kinds of time before I start to see hair loss, or have a chance to start going bald!"

Not so fast!

While hair loss is undoubtedly more common among older males, it can definitely begin to happen to those who are in their 20s, sometimes even before someone hits the ripe old age of 25.

When Do Men Lose Their Hair?

There is no real "golden age" at which men start losing their hair. The truth is that depending on a person's genetics, that individual male may lose their hair any time after they hit puberty. Studies show that about 20% of hair loss occurs to males in their 20s! So, while most males do not lose their hair at that young of an age, hair thinning can definitely start in a male's early-to-mid 20s.


"That's so young, though!" or "I am not even old yet!" you may say. You are correct on both accounts, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. It's largely based on genetics as to when hair loss occurs and as to when it happens.

All Men Are Affected to Some Extent At Some Age:

It's just a fact of the matter that all men are affected by hair loss at some age and to some extent. How much hair you lose and at what age simply comes back to genetics. The men who begin to see their hair thinning or even falling out by age 25 simply have it in their genes. Their fathers and grandfathers likely had a fairly similar experience with their hair thinning or slowly starting to fall out in their mid-20s as well.

While less men will lose their hair in say their mid-20s than in their 50s, it can definitely happen to those whose genetics predispose them to the likelihood of losing their hair at a younger age.

What Can I Do To Slow/Stop It?

There is really nothing you can do to completely stop hair from thinning or falling out throughout your life, however, you can definitely do your share of things to help prevent it from getting worse than it has to be.

Besides the treatments out there to help stop or prevent hair loss, there are some basic things you can do to keep your hair from falling out any earlier than it must, and some of the most common tips include the following:

  • Ensure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet that provides your (remaining) hair with the nutrients it needs to remain strong.
  • Hair is largely proteins, so be sure to get a variety of proteins from animal sources and vegetative sources each day. A balanced intake of protein can ensure your hair is able to grow strong and healthfully as possible.
  • Maintain control over any conditions you have that may lead to hair loss including things like lupus or diabetes.
  • Avoid hair products (namely shampoos) that include sulfates as they are known to help speed up hair thinning and loss.
  • DON'T try shaving your hair with the expectation that it will grow back thicker and fuller - yeah - sorry, it won't!

Seeking Treatments:

Beyond the basic tips listed above that will help save the hair you have left, you can also consider seeking certain treatments that may help your hair regenerate, or keep more hair from falling out at a minimum.

Remember, all males will lose some hair at some point in their lives, but if you are self-conscious about it, there are things you can do to lessen the hair loss and keep your self-confidence up, even if your hair begins to thin in your 20s.



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